Everything You Want To Know About Seitan

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
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Plant-Based Meat

Seitan is among the different wheat gluten derivatives. While seitan may have been around for years now, other plant-based meat alternatives such as tofu tend to overshadow it. Simplicity is the product’s strength, plus one of the reasons why it is a staple addition to plant-based diets. Read on to know what the other reasons are, and many more pieces of information about seitan.

Seitan’s Nutrients And Other Properties

Seitan is among the few ‘protein powerhouse’ food items because 32 grams of it can contain more than 20 milliliters of protein. The starch is washed out, so it has low amounts of carbs and fat.

People describe seitan’s flavor as a kitchen chameleon. There are just two base components in seitan that lack flavor, so it is useable with any sort of condiment that you would usually use on chicken. Some of those condiments are barbecue sauce, gochujang, and teriyaki sauce. Seitan also has protein content and texture similar to meat.

People also appreciate the fact that this vegan meat alternative does not cost much. People tend to view vegan diets as expensive food eating patterns. Individuals with those kinds of perceptions do not pay enough attention to what they purchase. If they know what to buy, they would not think of veganism as an expensive lifestyle option.

Can Every Person Consume Seitan?

As with any product, it is vital to think about a few health factors regarding seitan. It is no complete form of protein as it lacks lysine, an amino acid that works as a foundation of protein. Almost every natural protein option, such as beans, cheese, and meat contains lysine. Further, as the product is high in gluten, it may not be viable for people with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Any person who feels that they have a gluten intolerance has to be wary of consuming the product.

It is one of the binding food items available in the market. It has a certain level of stickiness and elasticity, so think about how it would pass through the body. There may be a few nutrients in seitan, but consider whether you wish to consume it daily. After all, it is a processed form of vegan product.

The point of consuming this kind of item is to lessen meat intake, but it is also a good idea to increase your vegetable consumption. That is to say, your diet does not have to be made up of too many faux meat products like this.