Plant-Based Cooking Without The Oil On The Pan

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Meals
Plant-Based Meals

Taking the leap to begin a plant-based diet is by no means a small feat. Taking the step to investing and improving your health is the move in the right direction. Avoiding dairy and meat are essential parts of truly imbibing the plant-based diet, but removing the oil is just as important. We will be taking a look into the tips which will be instrumental to you making the change to cooking oil-free plant-based meals!

Some Facts About Oil That You Need To Know

  • If you were to take it on a gram-for-gram basis, oil would have the same amount of calories as beef fat.
  • One tablespoon of oil has around 14 grams of fat and 120 calories.
  • Coconut oil is 90% saturated fats.
  • Within an hour of ingesting oil- the arteries all tighten and they are less open to dilation.

Now, we need you to understand that following a plant-based diet does not mean that you are completely kicking out the fats. Omega fatty acids are essential in proper cell functioning and without it, we would be in big trouble. Our bodies need the dietary fats to function properly, and surprisingly the plants have all we could ask for. Kale, quinoa, beans, and even broccoli have fats in them.

Cooking Without The Oil

  • Choosing The Right Cookware

Do invest in getting some quality non-stick cookware. These may be expensive, but if you take proper care of it, it will last for many years. Heavy-bottomed stainless steel pans, ceramic titanium pans, enamel-coated cast iron pans and silicone ovenware, all work great towards roasting vegetables or baking oil-free plant-based desserts. Make sure to not scratch or use metal spoons and spatulas to release and mix the contents. Instead, use a rubber or wooden one.

  • Make Changes To Your Cooking Methods

Sauté and stir-frying are great ways to cook veggies and leaves. Surprisingly, you won’t need oil- water and broth will do the trick just fine in most cases. Remember to keep moving them about, or they may stick and burn. Using the oven to roast veggies is also a great oil-free way to cook. You can lightly spray a mist of vegetable broth and then add in some herbs and sauces while roasting them to add more flavor. Steaming is also a great, oil-free way to cook and is extremely healthy!

Take the oil out of the equation and venture into a true plant-based diet!