Making The Jump To Plant-Based Diets

Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Diet Plan
Plant Based Diet Plan

Going plant-based is a form of retribution for many who have had their fill, of animal meats and cheese. For many, the leap of faith often ends with them planting their faces on the ground with the realisation of just how hard it ends up becoming. For the meat-eaters who love their medium-rare steak drizzled with barbeque sauce, the transition might be even more challenging.

But the fact that you found the need to make the switch is the step in the right direction. There is startling evidence of the ailments that stocking up on animal products can do to your body. As you grow older, these begin to surface and by then you will be making up for lost time and effort. However, simply wanting to change to a plant-based diet is only one half of the equation; the other is on how to stick to it! It is far difficult to continue doing something consistently than to simply start it off.

How do you stick to the plant-based diet plan, and make it a way of life?

Here are a few ways in which you can make the change and make it less overwhelming.

Understand Why It Is That You Are Doing It

Can’t stress on this enough- you must understand what is the underlying motivation that is causing you to make a change in your diet. Set a meaningful personal and fulfilling reason for changing your eating patterns. This will help you go the extra mile and help in solidifying the commitment and perseverance that you will need in the long run.

Are you doing it to get healthy? Do you want to shed the extra pounds and keep it that way? Are you trying to ease the load on your heart? Are you doing it because of your family illness history? Do you want to feel younger and active?

Different people have different reasons, but the idea is to figure out what yours is.

Bring Others Aboard

Work with people or bring in a group of people who are oriented towards the same goals as you are. A like-minded partner will ensure that you stick to the intention of eating healthy and make your plant-based diet enjoyable and an experience worth thinking on. They can also be an invaluable source of moral support, especially when you are in the beginning phases of shifting.

Baby Steps

Don’t expect the journey to not be filled with hurdles and difficulties along the way. Begin with small, concrete steps that you can put to action now. This could be something small like sautéing vegetables with water and not refined oil, or not using any dairy products for a whole week.

Your goal is to get rid of animal products and go plant-based. The way to reach the goal is by treading along, one step at a time. You needn’t start off by completely cutting out everything and going cold turkey on day one! If you can, then go ahead by all means. If you can’t, understand that it is ok.

Take A Step Back

As you are moving along your plant-based journey, take the time out to reflect and find the things that you can tweak. You could start off by sharing the results with your support group or a fellow plant-based warrior like yourself. If you are mindful of the successes and the failures which you share with others, then you are more likely to follow through hard times.

There Will Be Obstacles

Social customs will work against a plant-based lifestyle. With this in mind, do take care that your dietary changes will result in challenging situations. These situations could be a family get together, a vacation or holiday, the festive season such as Christmas and thanksgiving. Even your work and social gatherings might bring in resistance from others around you. They may mock, or belittle you.

Knowing that this could happen will help you feel prepared and emboldened. The important thing is, you don’t want to be living up to other’s expectations…you will only lose yourself in the process.

Have A Support Group

Having a plant-based warrior partner is a boon, but so is having a support group. One of the reasons that plant-based eater revert to animal products is because of the isolation. Coming face-to-face and motivating, educating and sharing can help to imbibe you with a newfound resolve.

Enjoy Your Fruits Of Victory

Every change that you do to better your health should be celebrated and rejoiced. Self-satisfaction that you receive from making minor, but significant changes need to be realized.  This brings about a sense of accomplishment and utter joy in meeting up with your goals. This is what will further charge you up for the road ahead.

Remember, it is not the destination but the journey that you must relish and enjoy.