Should You Have Sugars In Your Plant-Based Meal Plan?

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Plant-Based Diet
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Plant-Based Meal

The answer to the question is not a simple yes or a no. Sugars can be enjoyed…it is only a question of where that sugar comes from. Scratching your head? Let me explain…

When you dwell in a plant-based meal, the likes of refined sugar that are absurdly high on white sugar, and fructose rich corn syrup, is strictly off the table. Having these on the regular can raise your blood sugar levels and inch you closer to getting addicted to these sugars. If you are diabetic or have a family history, then it would be more than wise to drop the sugars!

So, the question boils down to, how do you possibly sweeten your food? Most people might scream honey, maple syrup and brown rice syrup, as better natural alternatives to refined sugars. But honey isn’t technically considered vegan because it is an animal product. We might have to look in for other alternatives, as you follow along.

Why A Big No-No To Refined Sugars?

Refined sugars are obtained from sugar cane and beets as well. Now many of you would say that that sounds very much like a plant-based food to me! And you are right. But, while making these refined sugars, during the processes of extraction and purification, the fibers and nutrients are all lost. The fiber plays an important role in stabilizing the blood glucose levels and lowering the rate at which sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream.

You may have noticed how jumpy you suddenly get when you sip on a sugary cool drink, and how quickly that energy drops after an hour. That is due to the lack of fibers.

Plus refined sugars are inflammatory agents and are associated with an increase in the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and also certain types of cancers such as that linked with pancreas, uterus, prostate and breast.

Good Alternatives That Are Safe

There are plenty of plant-based foods that act as great alternatives. Some of them include dates and other dried fruits, date syrup, fruit purees of mashed bananas, apple sauce, and date paste as well. They are all rich in natural sugars and will do plenty to meet your sweet tooth demands without sacrificing your health.

You can enjoy desserts and all the savories you want, and sticking to a plant-based lifestyle will help you rid your life of refined sugars and give you a new lease of life…one that you certainly deserve to enjoy!