Vegan-Related Things That People Might Tell You On Thanksgiving

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Are you a person who follows a fully plant-based diet and only uses vegan products? If yes, you might often have seen people wondering why you do not utilize a particular non-vegan product. You might be sick and tired of their questions, or you might see these as an opportunity to start a dialogue on animal usage. Depending on your attitude, your response to the following questions might be positive or negative.

What Else Would You Like To Have?

Are you going to attend a family dinner on the 2020 Thanksgiving? Will there be many loved ones for the dinner? Or, will it be a more private affair, given the social distancing norms to fight COVID-19? Whatever form of event you plan to attend, there would be people asking what to prepare for you if not non-vegetarian or vegetarian food. After sitting around the table, you would not like to hear a question like this: ‘What else do you want, if not milk or egg?’

If someone asks you this, be sure to reply to them with care. You do not want to say something that will annoy that person at the dinner table. Rather, if there are some vegan items, just be satisfied with the available products. Be sure to tell your family members that you will send them a list of vegan items to have for you on the next Thanksgiving.

What Is Thanksgiving To You Without Turkey?

Turkey has been the Thanksgiving-special meal for millions of Americans since the 19th century. So, people would find it odd if you choose not to have it on this national holiday. They will ask what Thanksgiving means to you as you do not consume it. They might tell you that it is no Thanksgiving with no Turkey on your plate. If anyone tells you this, just stay calm and trigger a calm chat about animal consumption.

Just tell them how it feels to just let animals live their own life while you enjoy yours. After all, there are more than enough plant food items for you to survive.

To make the conversation more involving, you may also use some filmy analogy. For instance, just tell your loved ones that you are not a cannibal like Hannibal Lecter. For your information, the Anthony Hopkins character from ‘The Silence of The Lambs’ is known for his cannibalistic traits. Be sure to not say it in a way that makes you seem morally superior to the others. Rather, do it with a little humor element to it.

Telling the questioner that you are no meat-eater or dairy consumer might make another family member follow a fully plant-based diet from the 2020 Thanksgiving.

Are You Not Missing Every Thanksgiving-Special Food?

You do not have to dodge all of these questions with strategic answers. Sometimes, it is better to be open about culinary matters. This is to say, if you will miss having pumpkin pie and mash potatoes on Thanksgiving, just tell your loved ones the truth. This way, they will be more involved in the conversation with you. It might also make your family think about creating alternatives to those Thanksgiving-special food items. May you not have to create that list for the next Thanksgiving.

You Must Be Feeling Like The Odd One Out

Imagine this situation: everyone else gorging on turkey and that big piece of meat set on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Someone might say, ‘You are the odd one out here’. Never reply, ‘You hate being the odd one out’. Besides, it is easy to sound condescending to them in this scenario. An example is telling them that it would be hard to consume all that tasty meat without feeling guilty for animal consumption. Instead, tell them what it feels like to be a vegan. Tell them how good you feel just after a fully plant-based meal. This way, you will make an air of positivity that may spill over to the rest of your Thanksgiving activity.

You Must Find Us All Terrible People For Having Turkey

It is not uncommon for people to have a Thanksgiving dinner, with the conversation centered around Turkey. If you are a vegan, another comment they might make at the dinner time is the above one. Why? Because there is a perception that vegans consider themselves morally superior to non-vegetarians. This is not true for all vegans.

To prove that you are unlike those condescending vegans, just say the right things in response to this. Never indulge in whataboutery, for doing so would dilute your broader message. Instead, tackle the comment with a reply like this, ‘Why would I feel so?’ You could just build a dialogue on the benefits and importance of veganism from there.