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Are you an enthusiast of plant-based diets with valuable insights to share? We invite you to write a guest post for “Choose Healthy Eating Tips.” Before you begin, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below to ensure your contributions resonate with our audience.

Content Guidelines

“Choose Healthy Diet Food Tips” is a platform dedicated to the plant-based lifestyle. We emphasize the benefits of whole foods and the myriad ways they can transform one’s health. Our focus spans from the intricacies of vegan and vegetarian diets to the broader scope of flexitarian eating.

Our readers are keen on actionable advice, innovative recipes, and the latest research on the health advantages of a plant-centric diet. While we celebrate the diversity of plant-based diets, we advise moderation in the consumption of animal-derived products, emphasizing ethically sourced options when included. We’re cautious about high-protein and supplement-heavy diets unless they align with plant-based principles.

We’re also interested in topics that support our readers in their plant-based journey—whether that’s through fitness advice, emotional well-being, or strategies to maintain this lifestyle.

Article Length Guidelines

The ideal length for articles on “Choose Healthy Food” is between 900-1000 words. We recommend aiming within this range for comprehensive coverage.

Exclusive Content

Articles submitted must be original. Once published on “Choose Healthy Diet Food Tips,” they shouldn’t appear on other platforms. Given Google’s strict policies on duplicate content, we reserve the right to remove any content that raises authenticity concerns. Additionally, please provide a unique meta title (up to 65 characters) and meta description (up to 160 characters).


Promote your blog, website, or service in the “About Author” section at the end of your post. A brief introduction and a link to your platform are acceptable. Please refrain from including promotional links within the main content.

Your contribution will be highlighted in our News section, offering additional visibility.

Use of Images

If you have an apt image with the necessary legal permissions, please include it with your submission.

Editing and SEO

We might introduce minor edits to enhance SEO. These changes aim to maximize the reach of your article, benefiting both the platform and the author. For substantial modifications, we’ll contact you for a discussion.

Your interest in contributing to the plant-based community is greatly appreciated. If our guidelines resonate with you, we look forward to receiving your submission.

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