Tips For Preventing Vegan Milk From Being Curdled In Coffee

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Have you tried using milk made from plant ingredients, in coffee? If yes, you might have seen plant-based milk curdling in the coffee in place of the usual creamy clouds that occur when you pour it. The product curdles most possibly due to a reaction that occurs when the heat and acidity of coffee affect this kind of milk.

It does not seem appealing, like curdled livestock milk. Anyhow, you can keep it from being curdled in coffee with these tips. The tips will work for most commonly-used vegan milk products; anyhow, we will give separate sub-instructions for specific forms of the dairy-free items.

Utilize Heat

Pour coffee into the cup of yours, and pour in vegan milk some minutes later. After that, heat the coffee-milk concoction. If measuring for temperature is possible, try heating the cup to 40°C for an ideal cup of coffee.

Pour The Milk First

Do this before you pour in whatever quantity of coffee that you prefer, at a slow speed. It will aid in tempering vegan milk and bringing it to the standard coffee temperature, thereby preventing curdle in the cup.

Are you using a specific form of plant milk, such as the one made from soy? If yes, shake it thoroughly, and then pour it into the cup slowly. Many different factors trigger the soy milk curdling issue, and these include the specific brand, the coffee heat, the coffee acidity, and the pace with which it is added.

Change The Coffee

Low acid coffee is good for not just the human teeth but also sensitive stomach, so consider brewing this product. It is a good idea to make cold brew-type coffee when the season in your area is warmer than usual. You must do so in this period since some of its acidity will be eliminated when brewing happens.

Use Ready-To-Drink Vegan Milk

Vegan milk items are becoming more and more popular, contributed to the creation of barista-style versions of these, mainly for cafes. Dairy-free milk described as for cafe use is likely to be steadier at a high temperature and likely to have a much thicker texture. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase what manufacturers describe as coffee shop milk. You might eventually discover the branded product that is best for the coffee you prefer, and use a different one for every other purpose.