My name is Doctor Arta Hanssen. I’m a vegan food lover!

I created this website to share my love for healthy and delicious vegan food. I’m always thinking about food, and I love experimenting with new recipes.

But I’m also very health-conscious, so I always try to find ways to make my recipes healthier. You’ll see that reflected in my cooking.


Details regarding veganism are available on the internet, but there exists a lack of orderliness to their presentation. It is among the many different things that we kept in mind when making this site mainly for vegans. We still have this fact in mind when creating blog posts for this site and when publishing these pieces here.

There is no promotion of a specific brand going on here. If it seems to you that we are promoting anything specific to an extent, it would only be vegan food. Scientific research is yet to distinguish between multiple forms of vegan diets. This makes us view all of these as one diet. So, we have used the ‘vegan diet’ as a general phrase on many parts of our site and will continue to do it.

The vegan diet-related details published here are factual, but we expect you to not regard any of these as medical tips. This is to say, if you feel that any food item is not good for your health, you should talk to your doctor. Is there any concept or anything else about veganism that you are yet to fully understand? If yes, do tell us what you have in mind.

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