Best Iron Sources For Vegans

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Iron is a vital mineral that is crucial for supporting a large number of functions in the human body. Its deficiency can lead to a wide range of health problems including anemia, shortness of breath, low energy levels, headaches, dizziness, irritability, etc. Vegans usually tend to develop iron deficiency, so it is important for you to make sure that you take the required amounts of this mineral for avoiding different problems caused by its deficiency.

Iron is found in heme and non-heme form. Heme iron is found in animal foods, whereas, non-heme iron only occurs in plants. The absorption of non-heme iron by the human body is lower when compared to heme iron. So vegans should take extra care to get enough amounts of this mineral.

But you don’t have to worry, as there is an enormous number of plant-based foods that are high in iron. Including them in your plant-based meals can help to ensure that you acquire higher levels of this mineral that is required by your body.


Legumes are a wonderful source of iron that you should add to your diet. Some iron-rich legumes are lentils, beans, and peas. In addition to this, different products made from soybeans are also a great source of iron. They include tofu, natto, tempeh, etc.

Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are much popular for their health benefits. They are also an impressive source of plant-based iron. Seeds like sesame, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, etc. can provide you high amounts of non-heme iron.

Additionally, nuts including cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts, and pine nuts are also good sources of iron. So make sure to add these plant-based foods to your diet for getting the required amounts of iron.


There is a large number of vegetables that are high in iron. Some of them are leafy greens, mushrooms, potatoes, and palm hearts. In addition to this, tomato sauce can also provide you impressive amounts of this mineral. But be aware that the iron content in tomatoes will be low. But when they are dried and concentrated, they can provide much higher amounts.


Certain fruits can also provide you the required amounts of iron. Mulberries, prunes, and olives are some among them.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are linked with a large number of health benefits. Some whole grains also contain high amounts of iron. Different whole grains like oats, amaranth, spelt, quinoa, etc. can provide impressive levels of non-heme iron.

So make sure to eat these foods on a regular basis to get sufficient amounts of iron required by your body.